My Name Is

Pavithran Pathmarajah

Aspiring Software Engineer

[email protected]
(905) 599 7284




Work Experience

Front-End Developer Co Op Mar 2018 - Aug 2018

Caseware, Toronto ON.
  • Developed key components for major feature releases on the new Smart Engagement Platform

  • Investigated and conceptualized solutions to minimize bandwidth as well as reduce run-time requirements

  • Worked alongside the UX team to understand the limitations on both the UX and development side of things

  • Consolidated a variety UI components, into a new dynamic component to reduce the overall development and testing time of tasks going forward
Software Engineering Co Op May 2017 - Feb 2018

Jibestream, Toronto ON.
  • Communicated technical information to employees of varying technical experience in a clear, succinct manner

  • Supported the development and maintenance of the software development kits (SDKs) to enable clients to effectively integrate indoor maps in their applications

  • Advanced the homogenizing of Android, iOS and Web SDKs, reducing technical support inquires and strain on multi-platform application developers

  • Investigated complex technical issues for clients and developed solutions to match their unique needs and code base

  • Developed a fully-automated quality insurance system with Node.js to test the backend, frontend, and SDKs to discover bugs sooner and reduce workload later in the software life cycle
Sales Associate Jun 2014 - Aug 2014

Lens Crafters, Newmarket ON.
  • Performed daily floor stock checks and maintained an aesthetic store front

  • Managed customer influxes by keeping a high customer retention while sales associates were processing sales.

  • Facilitated transactions in a fast-paced environment while adhering to policies and procedures.

  • Effectively identified customers wants and needs and promoted relevant Lens and Frame combinations.
Junior Bookkeeper Mar 2013 - Aug 2013

The Montana Group, Newmarket ON.
  • Designed and implemented a new organizational software to increase efficiency

  • Prepared tax statements

  • Performed Data Analysis, Summarization, and Tabulation of a large number of records

  • Processed invoices for approval and payment

  • Analyzed and verified source documents, ensuring correctness through finding discrepancies


Bachelor of Software Engineering Class of 2019

McMaster University, Hamilton ON.
  • Learning the software development life cycle

  • Currently enrolled in a degree completion program which focuses on the design and maintenance of software

  • Learning advanced algorithm design
Relevant Projects
  • Worked effectively with colleagues in order to design and implement a basic computer-based shopping interface. This required the task to split into modules which were delegated to individuals, requiring good communication in order to allow the modules to work in unison when put together.

  • Worked effectively with a team of 3 in order to design, model and prototype a gear train designed to step down a high-speed motor in order to drive a Disc-Reader. This allowed for strong problem-solving skills as well as communication skill in order to get the gear train to fit the precise specifications.
High School Diploma, Business Class of 2014

Newmarket High School, Newmarket ON.
  • Graduated with Specialist High School Major in Business, which is given to students who push their main focus toward business learning throughout high school

  • Took all programming courses offered
Relevant Projects
  • Designed a program, in a team of 4 that required graphics, internal frameworks, and multiple threads. Which required delegating in this project I had taken a leadership role. (Full Details in Portfolio)

  • Designed a simple airplane flight booking system; the system allowed users to choose from a selection of planes or design there own. A Full GUI has included the program kept track of flight locations, users, and the admin could remove planes from the system.


Object Oriented Design
Interface Implementation
GIT Version Control
Hardware Interfacing
DataBase Queries
Data Analytics


ACM - International Collegiate Programming Contest October 2016

University of Windsor, Windsor ON.

  • Regionals Competition, after our team placed third at McMaster University we were invited to the regionals competition

  • Algorithm Design and implementation contest, 10 complex algorithm based word problems were given, the goal was to create an algorithm to solve the problem and get the correct output solving as many as possible in a 5-hour span.

  • Placed 68th in the region out of 130 teams.
  • The competition taught me, that pseudo-code may be good for a general implementation, one should also account for small language specific quirks. Such as dealing with overflow in Python3 vs Java.

  • This experience showed me that a programmer can overlook a minor bug and the importance of having a once overdone before a release. Having re-coded and submitted 2 of the incorrect submissions, made by the team due to a simple aliasing issue.
Communitech - Code To win November 2015

Communitech Hub, Kitchener ON.

  • Finalist, after placing in the top 50 nation wide.

  • Algorithm Design and implementation contest, 5 complex algorithm based word problems were given, the goal was to create an algorithm to solve the problem and get the correct output.

  • McMaster University placed 3rd in the region
  • The code to win contest humbled me and taught me that I have a long way to go, that not every problem can be solved in my head.

  • This experience taught me of the importance of time management. That when you are on a deadline sometimes it is better to use algorithms that are tried and true instead of creating from scratch.


ICPC Certificates