Pavithran Pathmarajah
Highlights Of Qualifications
  • I am a quick learner who is constantly striving to expand my skill set
  • Effective in both individual and collaborative environments
  • Able to work with hardware and software
  • Skillful in front-end and back-end work loads
  • Proficient debugger and hardware tester
  • Education
    Bachelor of Software Engineering Class of 2019

    McMaster University, Hamilton ON.

  • Learning the software development life cycle
  • Currently enrolled in a degree completion program which focuses on the design and maintenance of software
  • Learning advanced algorithm design

    Relevant Projects:

  • Worked effectively with colleagues in order to design and implement a basic computer based shopping interface. This required the task to split into modules which were delegated to individuals, requiring good communication in order to allow the modules to work in unison when put together.
  • Worked effectively in a team of 3 in order to design, model and prototype a gear train designed to step down a high speed motor in order to drive a Disc-Reader. This allowed for strong problem solving skills as well as communication skill in order to get the gear train to fit the precise specifications.
  • Managed time efficiently in creating a program that required a maze to be solved following a complex algorithm in a minimal amount of time.
    High School Diploma, Buisness Class of 2014

    Newmarket High School, Newmarket ON.

  • Graduated with Specalist High School Major in Business, which is given to students who push their main focus toward business learning throughout highschool
  • Took all programming courses offered
    Relevant Projects:
  • Designed a program, in a team of 4 that required graphics, internal frameworks and multiple threads. Which required delegating in this project I had taken a leadership role. (Full Details in Portfolio)
  • Designed a simple airplane flight booking system; the system allowed users to choose from a selection of planes or design there own. A Full GUI was included the program kept track of flight locations, users and the admin could remove planes from the system.
    Work Expereicne

    Sales Associate June 2014 - August 2014
    Lens Crafters, Newmarket ON.

  • Created algorithm to prioritize customers in order to maximize profits within the 'sale period'
  • Interacted with a high volume of customers daily demonstrating strong communication skills
  • Taught co-workers how to integrate given tablets into their sales pitch

    Junior Bookkeeper March 2013 - August 2013
    The Montana Group, Newmarket ON.

  • Designed and implemented a new organizational software to increase efficiency
  • Reorganized system for documenting billable hours
  • Analyzed income statements and assisted with trend prediction

    Gas Station Attendant September 2012 - June 2014
    Husky Gas Station, Newmarket ON.

  • Tracked incoming and outgoing vehicles to ensure owners would not drive off without paying
  • Upsold promotions to customers as well as the loyalty program, registering up to 50 new members a shift

    Relevant Experince

    Hack Western November 2015
    Western University, London ON.
  • Worked with a team of 4 to create an android application targeted toward immigrants that have just arrived in Canada in order to help make the transition simpler. (Full Details in Portfolio)

  • First time making a successful live online lookup system. This was used to translate common words into the users native language
  • First full fledged functional android application, created from scratch start to finish

    Code To Win Finals November 2015
    Communitech Hub, Kitchener ON.

  • The contest consisted of 5 questions ranging from easy to hard, and you had to create an algorithm to solve the problem and get the correct output. I had placed in the top 50 earning me a position in the finals; which had come as a shock to me because I had done the preliminary round for fun in an attempt to kill time between classes. Sadly, I did not place in the top 3 the winners consisted of masters and PHD students who specialized in algorithm design.

  • The code to win contest humbled me and taught me that I have a long way to go, that not every problem can be solved in my head.
  • The finals were an experience that taught me the importance of time management. That when you are on a deadline sometimes it is better to use algorithms that are tried and true instead of creating from scratch.

    Hacking Eating Tracking September 2015
    Harvard College, Cambridge MA.

  • During this Hackathon I had the opportunity to listen to a few researchers speak. During a presentation on data inquiry and collection, a researcher began to speak of the problems with sending out multi-100 question questionnaires asking people what they ate. This appeled to me because I believed that instead of sending out a thick questionnaire to an household hoping for it to be sent back; why not make a non intrusive application with a prompt every so often asking users to enter what they ate instead of making them read through 100s of foods. So I set out and began my work. I thought it was something that I could do on my own, but after 24 hours and a lot of coffee I was only able to achieve half of what I wanted to accomplish. I may not have placed but had many inquires on my application

  • As my first Hackathon it was daunting going to Harvard. I though I could do it all by myself telling myself it was just like a school project , I ll end up coding it all anyway . The most important lesson that I learned from this is that when you are on a deadline, nothing is more important then a good team and proper delegation.
  • This was the first time I had created an android application. In the end the applicaiton had less then half of the features I expected it to have; but for a first app it was ok.
  • This even taught me that no matter what any idea can be improved. Many people asked me to be apart of their team but I declined for the product already existed in some form or another. What I learned was that even though a product may already exist less intrusive, less expensive and more effective systems can be made.

    Technical Skills
    I have Worked with a wide range of langauges, some to accomplish a specfic task, some for fun, and some becasue I was told it would be a challenge

  • Java
  • Knowledgeable:
  • C
  • C++
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • With References:
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Flash
  • Mips Instruction Set
  • Haskell

  • Software:
    There are many pieces of software that can be used to do a job; I have learned a few of these in each area

    Office Products:
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Computer-aided Design:
  • AutoCad
  • Blender
  • Designs:
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Engineering:
    I have been in my bachelors of Engineering for 2 years now and have picked up a few useful things

  • Basic Circuit Design and Construction
  • Software
  • MatLab
  • Maple

  • Equipment:
    After working with many different pieces of hardware, I have learned to pickup interfacing quickly to make effective software

  • Fitbit
  • Myo ArmBand
  • Galaxy Gear
  • non-proprietary:
  • Arduino
  • LightBlue Bean

  • Extracuriculars
    Phase-One | Team-X Member 2016 - Present
    McMaster Sumobots | Junior Member 2015 - Present
    Tamil Student Association | Student Member 2014 - Present
    McMaster Computer Science Association | Student Member 2014 - Present
    McMaster Design Club | Student Member 2014 - 2016
    Available on GitHub | Sources